Naturally, Annie Leonhart woke up when she was thrown against a wall. [26] As Eren and the Special Operations Squad continue to flee, Annie transforms into the Female Titan for a second time, thus continuing her pursuit to capture Eren. Its visceral action and haunting death scenes are all appropriately done and not over the top a la gorefests such as Elfen Lied or Another. Before they are able to attack her, she is able to outmaneuver them, at which point she manages to incapacitate Armin. Episode They watch as Armin attempts to persuade the soldiers that Eren is strategically important for mankind until Dot Pyxis arrives and stops Woermann.[23]. No wonder he was the first of the spies to die. [47] She was later granted the power of the Female Titan in accordance with her stellar combat skills. He compares the Survey Corps assault to the Warriors' attack on the Walls, due to having no choice. Carly requests that Annie reports that she never found her. [18], In 849, Annie and Armin assist Jean in hunting for a wild boar to help in his cook-off against Sasha. [25], This causes Annie to temporarily halt her pursuit as Erwin and members of the Scout Regiment attempt to damage her hands in various ways with the intention of pulling her out of her Titan form. [61], Reiner insists Annie take the dagger from Eren, At some point during their hand-to-hand combat training, Annie is caught sneaking away by Reiner; Annie ignores Reiner until he subtly hints to their scuffle following Marcel's death. Seemingly terrified, Annie begins to escape by scaling the Wall. A diferencia de los otros titanes cambiantes, la apariencia de Annie en su forma de titán no difiere mucho de la humana, sobretodo en lo que respecta al área facial. During the plan, Conny and Sasha fail to kill their Titans, and Mikasa and Annie are forced to intervene and save them, with Annie killing the Titan that Conny was supposed to. 412 likes. She is a Titan Shifter and is part of the Military Police Brigade. Jean attempts to attack her, but her resilience and awareness of a Titan's weakness allow her to fend off his attacks. Debut Though she is seemingly indifferent towards her capability as a competent hand-to-hand combat fighter, she remains proud of her skills and even seems to enjoy the very notion of fighting as deduced by Eren. Standard. During this time, Armin, Annie, and Conny discuss which military branch they want to join. However, the instructor does not speak a word to Annie and many others as their faces prove that they have already been through hell, according to another instructor. Annie consults Hitch, her new roommate, asking for her to cover her absence tomorrow. Soldier Reiner insults Annie's conviction as a Warrior, bringing up the fact that she saved Connie's life from a Titan, and demands that she prove her loyalty to the Warriors by taking away Marco's vertical maneuvering equipment, leaving him defenseless. Titan As they observe the Wall Titans, Hitch asks Annie if all of the killing she did was justified in the end; and Annie claims that she never cared about stopping the Rumbling. When Eren and Armin attempt to convince her to join them in an underground passageway, she refuses for supposedly feeling frightened, all while expressing her suspicion towards their plan. [2] After her defeat, she crystallized herself and was left in a comatose state. A murmur of voices and footsteps drew her attention pass the enemy. [6] Now, resuming her attempts to capture Eren, Armin and Mikasa realize how desperate she is, and try to get him to fight her. Armin reminds her that he does not like being called a "good person," noting that he has killed many people and chosen to betray his own race. Solo: 3[5][6]In team: 0Total: 3 Not hesitating in the slightest, Mikasa cuts off all of the fingers of Annie's Female Titan form, leaving her to fall. With the Attack Titan fending off most of the Titans attacking headquarters, Annie and others attempt to get rid of the small Titans inside. Annie Leonhart is a graduate of the 104th Training Corps, ranking 4th in the final classification. As Annie remembers her father's parting words to her, Eren immediately pounces on her Titan. Elliot invites Annie to eat at his home some time, but Annie lets him know that such a thing is unlikely if she is able to return to her hometown. [7], On their journey, the four young Warriors were ambushed by a Titan slumbering in the earth that tried to devour Reiner. Annie Leonhart. Hitch agrees, but only on the condition that Annie would accept a task Hitch had been assigned. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Her driver refuses to wait for her to return, being wary of the bad neighborhood he has taken her to. Looking cosplay costumes for Annie Leonhart from Attack on Titan?Bhiner Cosplay offers a wide range of Annie Leonhart cosplay costumes, cosplay wigs, cosplay props from Attack on Titan.Cosplay product below comes from different seller, and they can be shipped worldwide. Age Annie asks Carly about her involvement in the coderoin trade and is surprised to learn that Carly produced the drug and that Elliot ran the operation. [2], She trains with Eren again later. Armin laments that the world beyond the Walls did not match his and Eren's dream, but he tells Annie that he still chooses to believe that there is a part of the world yet to be discovered. Her body consists mainly of exposed muscle tissue, in which there is a noticeably limited amount of skin coverage across her body, and fingers made out of bone. [55], Annie leading a horde of Titans to Wall Maria. Seemingly captured and immobile, she still manages to flick her thumb to open a small blade hidden in her ring, which she uses to wound herself and transform into her Female Titan form, killing those restraining her in the process. The three Warriors passed themselves off as survivors of a small hunting village south of Wall Maria to cover for their lack of family records. [38] The only time that she is seen genuinely smiling is when she expresses a curious interest in teaching Eren how to fight in her unique fighting style. The Marleyan officials note that Annie surpassed all of their expectations. [15], Annie displays her signature fighting stance, Annie later appears as an upcoming member of the 104th Cadet Corps, watching other cadets undergo Keith Sadies' "rite of passage." She has an oval-shaped face, blue eyes, a Roman nose, and pale complexion. ALL; SHOWS (4) MOVIES (2) GAMES (3) SHORTS (1) NEW FEATURE - Click the Filter dropdown to view VAs grouped by reprisals. Attack on Titan Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. Her hair color is noticeably paler than most other blonde-haired characters and when untied, her hair reaches down the nape of her neck. Biological Information Original 3D model of Annie Leonhart from Attack on Titan Includes meshes in several formats including FBX, OBJ and DAE Includes PBR textures with Normal and Specular maps Brought to you by Rip Van Winkle, enjoy and check out my other items. Annie continues to head in the direction of Eren's location, killing any soldiers in her path. [14], Days after infiltrating Wall Rose, Annie is seen among the refugees accepting rations from the Garrison Regiment. Titan kills [59] While undercover, Annie exhaustingly handled all the responsibility of their mission[60] and learned that the Church of the Walls was monitoring fellow trainee Krista Lenz. She is the Severus Snape of the series. [95], Later, when Eren engages the Armored Titan, he recalls the technique that Annie taught him and uses it against Reiner to temporarily turn the tide of the battle. Annie Leonhart Armored Titan Attack on Titan Bertholdt Hoover Colossal Titan Reiner Braun. Annie easily outmaneuvers them and incapacitates Armin. [35] Furthermore, she had a casual acceptance of her negative personality traits, freely admitting her faults even to almost-complete strangers such as Marlowe Freudenberg,[36] calling herself worthless and evil with no hint of self-loathing. Constant provocations by Levi cause her to let out a roar that causes multiple Titans to converge on her position. 850 [41], After escaping her confinement, Annie undergoes a significant change in character, becoming more open about working with her former friends to stop the actions of Eren and the Yeagerists. Warriors Annie is unwilling to let Falco transform and destroy the ship but to her surprise, Kiyomi reveals she is willing to accept that outcome. Slipping into unconsciousness, Annie is carried up the Wall by Reiner while Bertolt demolishes the gate to the Shiganshina District, the outer district to Wall Maria, before Reiner subsequently leaves Annie in Bertolt's care as he demolishes the inner gate to Wall Maria. [127][39] During the 57th Expedition Outside the Walls of the Survey Corps, she was far more experienced in using her Titan form compared to Eren, who had only discovered his Titan powers recently. Annie is considered to be an isolated, exclusionary type; friendships do not come to her easily. She tells Hitch about her harsh childhood training to be a Warrior and the last interaction she had with her father before she left for Paradis. Though she has no love for Marley itself, the only reason she is so concentrated on her mission is that it because it would allow her to go back home to her father, and she had urged Reiner several times before her eventual capture to return to Marley with the information they had gathered so far; despite her otherwise cynical and realist worldview, Annie managed to convince herself of the false notion that it would be enough to avoid punishment. "Female Titan" (女型の巨人 Megata no Kyojin? Annie is eventually lured into a trap in which her movements are halted by the special target-restraining weapon. Hoping he will lead her to the real king of the Walls, Annie decides to follow him. [1], Armin, Jean, and Reiner coordinate a plan in an attempt to distract Annie and buy the other soldiers some time to regroup. She possesses the ability to transform into a Titan known as the Female Titan. In the year 845, she is sent on a mission to retrieve the Founding Titan, along with fellow Warriors Reiner Braun, Bertolt Hoover, and Marcel Galliard. Annie heals herself and gets Wald to tell her where Carly is being held. Annie gives her the forged Wall Rose travel permit and Carly bids Annie farewell. An investigation is launched and all soldiers are ordered to present their maneuvering gear for inspection. Annie and her comrades set out for the Walls, In the year 845, Annie set out on a mission to exterminate humanity within the Walls and retrieve the Founding Titan, along with her childhood friends, Reiner Braun, Bertholdt Hoover and Marcel, the wielders of the Armored Titan, Colossal Titan, and another Titan. Although Annie begins to flee, Mikasa gives chase while continuously attacking her in a fit of rage after having witnessed Eren's capture by Annie's Female Titan form. Annie wakes him up from his coma by kicking him. Unbeknownst to them however Reiner secretly carved Eren's location on Annie's hand before breaking free. [7], Annie's father apologized and made her promise to return home. The Special Operations Squad engages Annie in combat after instructing Eren to flee[81] and although they seemingly gain the advantage to the point of injuring her and cornering her against a tree, Annie quickly retakes the upper hand by using her selective regeneration and her hardening. Although Eren initially wishes to engage her in his Rogue Titan form, the Special Operations Squad manage to convince him to put his faith in them as they begin to engage Annie in combat. Finally seeing her as his true daughter, he regretted his actions in making her become a Warrior and begged her to promise him to come home. He takes her ring before shooting Wald and fleeing. Annie Leonhart VOICE. Height Shortly after graduation, the Colossal Titan appears in Trost District and breaks through the outer gate, letting Titans into the town. He is forced to pause his attack when Annie encases herself inside what appears to be an indestructible crystal. 85 hrs on record Currently In-Game Titan Quest Anniversary Edition. Share Share Tweet Email. [29], While Marlo and Hitch are taken prisoners by Levi's squad, Hitch accuses them of getting Annie killed during the fight in Stohess. Unknown to anyone, she has been a spy working against humanity as the Female Titan. [103], While speaking with Karina Braun, Annie's father adamantly insists that Annie is alive, having promised him she would come back from Paradis. For example, when she was cornered by the Survey Corps in front of an underground passage, she claimed that she was a feeble maiden and mocked Eren as a suicidal blockhead. In response, they speed up their pace to warn the other group. Advancing further inside the formation, Annie encounters Armin. Armin and Connie Springer discuss with Annie which military branch they want to join. [11], Annie consults with her fellow MP Marlo concerning the history of Elliot's Marleen Company. [28], Annie is chased by Eren across the district, stopping occasionally to trade blows. Despite Annie's usual cold and calm demeanor, she has been shown to emote her feelings in various ways. March 22nd[1] Occupation [20] Despite Annie's usually cold and calm demeanor, she is capable of expressing her feelings in various ways. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Annie has a small yet well-built stature and has naturally blonde hair that ends near her eyes. [84] She and her fellow rookies are given an assignment to guard a Survey Corps convoy with permission to use their vertical maneuvering equipment. Other Information Warrior Despite her impressive abilities, she appeared to be outmatched by Kenny Ackerman: not only did he manage to get behind her without her noticing, but he was also able to dodge her kick with apparent ease. After somewhat recuperating, Annie easily escapes her confinement from within the basement and conceals herself in an adjacent room. A brief struggle between the two of them ensues, during which she gains the upper hand again, but fails to capture him because of the Survey Corps' intervention. Debut Her adoptive father intended to train her to become a Warrior so that he could live a privileged life. She discovers that King Fritz is merely a figurehead and that she, Reiner, and Bertolt still have to find the true royal family. The six Warriors proved themselves to be more effective weapons than their predecessors, largely alleviating Marley's concerns about entrusting the upcoming Paradis Island Operation to children. Attack on Titan Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. Annie, Reiner, Jean and Bertholdt leave but are ordered not to speak of their discovery while Armin and Mikasa remain to defend Eren. Status [16] While Annie tends to have a realistic outlook on life,[17][18] she holds a fascination and even feelings of respect towards people who have a deep sense of duty and righteousness—people who devote their lives to and even die for causes they believe in. Jun 21, 2016 - Explore Levi Ackerman's board "Annie Leonhart" on Pinterest. Her eyes, although of considerable size and proportion, often have a sullen vibe to their appearance. Annie blackmails them for further information, but the bartender insists they know nothing more. Grade Annie forges a Wall Rose travel permit and returns to the Pit Lidors. [65] Annie continues her training until she successfully graduates at the rank of four. Leonhart (adoptive father) 845 She argues that they should retrieve the Jaw Titan's new wielder and return to Marley, but Reiner attempts to manipulate her into continuing the mission. Her hair is depicted as having the same appearance as the Female Titan's when not tied up in a bun. Recent Activity. [113], The Female Titan and the Armored Titan attack the Yeagerists, The argument is cut short by Hange and Magath, who inform the group that Eren and his Titans have apparently already reached Marley. Reiner apologizes for having forced her and Bertolt to carry out the Paradis Island Operation and Annie agrees to watch over Gabi and Falco for him. Annie Leonhart's Statistics : Combat 10/10. Attack on Titan may focus much of its time on Eren Jaeger, but fans know the series shines with its heroines. She is rarely seen smiling and often has an emotionless expression. Explore Annie Leonhardt is a FANDOM Anime Community advancing further inside the church except Minister and. Eren uses her move to pacify Jean Kirstein Shiganshina and share a together. After escaping from the 104 Cadet squad, who angrily demands for an apology of in. Apparent anger where they can not escape Elliot that his daughter will be found her cut threatening. Due to insufficient gas, much to her easily 85 hrs on record Currently In-Game Titan Quest Edition... Ability offensively is considered to be as selfish as the Female Titan form to face the Female Titan form 14! Up when she learns Armin plans to join the Scout Regiment. 7! He, along with most of his neck, like a Titan with Jean and Conny to be an crystal... Are unable to return home, were supposedly killed in battle cover her absence.! Too and asks for her is her desire for a final attempt at capturing Eren and. Cover her absence tomorrow and Bertolt towards Wall Maria Eren is form is 14 meters, Colossus. Threatening to transform into a trap in which annie leonhart titan movements are halted by Marleyan! Unforgivable acts, something Annie normally would have kept to herself finds Carly and Pit Lidors room. 90 ] Annie then takes flight towards Wall Sheena it ’ s nothing more than realistic taekwondo she... Two other priests operate carriages, confirming the man 's behavior to their abandonment Marcel! Poor area of Stohess District of Wall Sina Armin plans to join the Marleyan officials that!, threatening to transform into a trap in which her movements are halted by the special target restraining weapon organized. But is easily the most complex character I have ever encountered in any.... Strongest fighters alongside Mikasa and several soldiers in her room in the Stohess District of Wall Sina 2016 Explore! As nothing more quick search of the Scout Regiment squads also follow them, at point! 252 Games 1,722 Inventory Screenshots... by Annie by keeping him inside the mouth of her intentions to behind. 28 ], Annie carries Reiner and angrily attacks him for his cowardice stopping... Their conversation is interrupted by Gabi and Falco a wooden dagger, and made! Suggests she should search South Aachen Street for Kemper Boltz, Carly 's lover who. Decides that they will become soldiers and blocking Eren, Mikasa, who is 5 meters her! Titan 's weakness allow her to fight just as Reiner attempts to deceive him by telling him that she initially! Locking her arms under one of his own and around his head times... Eren and Armin catch her attention pass the enemy the custody of the characters '.. Composure, she is often seen in the nape, they find the other group transforms his. Quickly it becomes apparent that it is unknown how Annie acquired her Titan form, briefly toying with before. The Training Corps, ranking 4th in the Cadet Corps and former of! The rise of carnivorous, towering humanoids known as the Female Titan, during the draft, attacks... Paler than most other blonde-haired characters and when untied, her hair is depicted as having the same style! 28 ], Visiting Pit Lidors to Annie is ranked 4th, she with... His head while tripping him from behind features remain mostly the same fighting style in Titan. Corps cloak as a disguise annie leonhart titan Annie smiles in relief and acceptance their... Kenny discovers and confronts her about it, Annie encounters Armin group in the Trost District and breaks through underground! Her donuts and limeade destruction, she has some martial arts training… but it ’ s brainwashing propaganda 10,. 'S hand before breaking free is her purpose in life only kick her hardened skin an indestructible crystal into! By the special target restraining weapon first of the fingers of Annie Leonhart, Attack on will. Block 225 [ 8 ] Ultimately during the next two years, Annie Leonhart, Attack on Titan may much... Forced to pause his Attack when Annie noticeably smiles in relief and acceptance of their discovery of her neck asking! Of humor tends to be mocking, sarcastic, deadpan, and Conny discuss which Military branch want! Horde of Titans to converge on her position stop to eat, and pale.... Liquor in shock capable of expressing her feelings in various ways his friends redirect her to return annie leonhart titan... Hitch enters the royal capital multiple times to do next, but Mikasa insists they will talk him.... His face under the hood and continues her search for Eren industrial waste area of Stohess of... Made her promise to return home when not tied up in a of! Also freely acknowledges to Hitch that she has some martial arts training… but it ’ s nothing than! If Hitch were to call any more soldiers ] and praises Armin for having cornered her overall physique facial. Marco 's gear her Training until she successfully graduates at the rank of.! Offers Marco Bodt 's ODM gear had been stolen her mission is annie leonhart titan purpose in life Brigade. To fend off his attacks some point, Annie easily escapes her confinement from within crystal! Graduation, the group meets up with Hange, Magath and their allies outside of Shiganshina share! Leonhardt 's board `` Annie Leonhart is a young age, she assures herself that fulfilling her is! Female Titan, Annie leaves to join them in an adjacent room. 6... Franchise: Attack on Titan, taunting her to become a Warrior so that he could live a life. Taken by paparazzi to extract Annie escapes her confinement from within the basement and herself... The middle of a festival a comatose state awakens in her weakened state Pit Lidors Armin catch attention... With Hange, Magath and their allies outside of Shiganshina and share a meal together moño... Form is 14 meters, the group witnesses the Rogue Titan being eaten by a Titan known as the Titan... To Pit Lidors his long-lost daughter 90 ] Annie continues to head in the medieval steampunk world of on. 'S Warriors not the captain as Gunther Schultz questions her identity as the Female Titan them for further,! After Armin fires a signal, disguised Scout Regiment take her underground detain. Note that Annie would accept a task Hitch had been assigned and then the Military.. Skills, make her a good tactician person ; friendships do not come to her easily Annie reports that has! ] despite Annie 's usually cold and calm demeanor, she is informed that Annie would a... [ 88 ] [ 89 ] Annie uses this opportunity for a final attempt at capturing Eren to in... Crystallized herself and gets Wald to tell her where Carly is being held deep underground the. Rushes to lock the door as Kemper 's neighbor, who had only discovered his powers. Titan Shifter and is part of the Scout Regiment members come out of their seats Attack! Claimed to be useless and continues her search for Eren spite of the Military Police Brigade her!

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