Red 2 beach was found to be highly unsuitable and the promised roads were non-existent. English: Aerial view of the Allied amphibious forces in Humboldt Bay off Hollandia, New Guinea, 22 April 1944. [15], The port and airfields were the base for units of the Japanese 2nd Army (General Fusatarō Teshima) and the 6th Air Division of the 4th Air Army. [19], Allied planners estimated Japanese forces around Hollandia at around 14,000 troops in total. Backed by a swamp just 30 yards from the shoreline, and with just one exit trail unsuitable for vehicles, it quickly became congested. Between 1963-2007 part of Irian Jaya. By January 1943, the Americans and Australians had ejected the Japanese from Papua, New Guinea.General Douglas MacArthur, the Southwest Pacific Area (SWPA) commander, had secured an airstrip and staging base at Buna on the New Guinea north coast. (Indonesian New Guinea), Indonesia. [38] This operation had no effect on the Japanese, as the air units were being held in reserve for a planned major attack on American naval forces in the Central Pacific. [6] The Joint Chiefs of Staff also directed the United States Pacific Fleet to assign aircraft carriers to provide air support for the landings. One company landed on White 2 and secured Cape Tjeweri, after which a group of 18 LVTs crossed the sandspit to land two more companies near Pim inside Jautefa Bay. Box and all slides are in near mint condition. Hollandia was a port on the north coast of New Guinea, part of the Dutch East Indies, and was the only anchorage between Wewak to the east, and Geelvink Bay to the west. [35] The air and naval attacks succeeded in isolating the remaining Japanese forces in New Guinea. Hollandia was situated on the east side of a headland separating Humboldt Bay to the east and Tanahmerah Bay, 25 miles to the we… The area was selected by the Second Area Army as a key base for the defense of western New Guinea in September 1943, though by November it had been decided that it would form an outpost to the main defensive positions which were located further to the west. Between the mountain ridge and the lake was a narrow plain where the Japanese had built a number of airfields; three had been constructed by April 1944 and a fourth was under construction. [10] After the chief of staff of the Second Area Army travelled to Wewak to deliver Adachi orders in person, he directed that the 66th Infantry Regiment begin moving from Wewak to Hollandia on 18 April; it was expected that this unit would arrive there in mid-June. I have shown 5 examples of the slides. Achat immédiat +5,67 EUR (livraison) Retours gratuits. Hollandia, Nederlands Nieuw Guinea/Netherlands New Guinea/Irian Jaya/West Papua. LANDING BATTLE HOLLANDIA JAYAPURA PAPUA NEW GUINEA CAMPAIGN WW2 6pp ARTICLE 1944. Hollandia, Capital of the subdivision of the same name. The Battle of Hollandia (code-named Operation Reckless) was an engagement between Allies of World War II and Japanese forces during World War II. The plan called for the establishment of a two-battalion front, with troops landed in seven waves at two beaches: Red 1 around the Depapre Inlet and Red 2 on the eastern side of the bay. Battle of the Bismarck Sea (1943) 12. [62][63], Meanwhile, the Allies quickly made the Sentani airfields operational and were able to mount bombing raids on Japanese positions as far west as Biak, making them useless for air operations. [37], In response to a request from the head of the US Navy, Admiral Ernest King, the Eastern Fleet conducted a raid on Japanese positions on the island of Sabang in the Indian Ocean ahead of the landings at Hollandia and Aitape. Allied planners believed that the two beaches were connected by a road, and that another road – suitable for vehicle traffic – ran inland towards Lake Sentani. [51], Seven LSTs and the Australian transport Westralia were unloaded over the shore at White 1, landing 4,200 tonnes of combat supplies and over 300 vehicles on the first day. Selbstverständlich ist jeder New hollandia rund um die Uhr im Netz im Lager verfügbar und somit sofort lieferbar. On 24 April, the beach became more congested with the arrival of scheduled reinforcements and further equipment, as well as two transports and seven LSTs carrying troops, including the corps commander and his headquarters, which had been diverted from Tanahmerah Bay. The New Guinea campaign (January 1942-September 1945) was one of the longest campaigns of the Second World War. Nimitz offered to assign eight small escort carriers to support the landing at Aitape, with these vessels then proceeding to support operations at Hollandia until 11 May. Pop: 155 548 . Battle of Lababia Ridge 5. 12,00 EUR. [4][23], The main landings at Hollandia would be made at two locations. Pop. "Authentic Battle Scenes WW II Set #4 Hollandia - New Guinea - 20 1946 2x2 35mm Slides. Landing at Hollandia, a battle of the Western New Guinea campaign of World War II in April 1944; Hollandia Hut, Swiss Alpine Club hut; Hollandia Roeiclub, Dutch rowing club; Hollandia; Hollandia beer, Dutch lager made by Bavaria Brewery (Netherlands) See also. [30][31] The decision to undertake these operations simultaneously stretched Allied shipping and logistics resources, and necessitated reallocating resources from other theaters and roles. Kokoda Track campaign (1942) 8. Achat immédiat +9,00 EUR (livraison) Bartnelke 'Hollandia' - Dianthus Barbatus, maison de campagne jardin, Graines, 02810 . [24][25] The operation was the 24th Infantry Division's first combat assignment after home defense duties in Hawaii and training in Australia,[26] but the 41st Infantry Division had previously taken part in the fighting in New Guinea in 1942–1943. These were supported by a force of eight escort carriers of the 5th Fleet. Base G played an important role as a staging area for subsequent operations in New Guinea and the Philippines. The battle was an unqualified success for the Allied forces, resulting in a withdrawal by the Japanese to a new strategic defense line in the west of New Guinea and the abandonment of all positions in the east of the island. [28][29] Secondary landings would take place Aitape, 125 miles to the east, at the same time as those around Hollandia. [16] Only about 500 of the 11,000 personnel were ground combat troops, being drawn from several antiaircraft batteries. Hollandia. To ease the congestion on White 1, 11 LSTs were landed off White 2, while engineers from the 2nd Engineer Special Brigade worked to clear the beach, shifting stores and equipment into Jautefa Bay. ITEM: Original WWII AAF Aerial Photo of BOMBED JAPANESE BOMBERS on HOLLANDIA AIRFIELD, New Guinea, PTO. La bataille de Hollandia (Operation Reckless) est une bataille de la guerre du Pacifique durant la Seconde Guerre mondiale lors de la campagne de Nouvelle-Guinée. 10,91 EUR. It was later thought that 3000 troops from the 6th Sea Detachment were in the area, and reinforcements were being rapidly transferred there. Unsere Mitarbeiter begrüßen Sie zu unserem Test. [66], Coordinates: .mw-parser-output .geo-default,.mw-parser-output .geo-dms,.mw-parser-output .geo-dec{display:inline}.mw-parser-output .geo-nondefault,.mw-parser-output .geo-multi-punct{display:none}.mw-parser-output .longitude,.mw-parser-output .latitude{white-space:nowrap}2°31′58.8″S 140°43′1.2″E / 2.533000°S 140.717000°E / -2.533000; 140.717000, "Securing New Guinea: The U.S. Navy in Operations Reckless and Persecution: 21–22 April 1944",, South West Pacific theatre of World War II, Battles and operations of World War II involving Australia, Battles and operations of World War II involving Japan, Battles and operations of World War II involving the United States, Amphibious operations involving the United States, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 12 December 2020, at 06:55.

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