Solution. I upgraded NodeLink v0.9.17 to v0.9.18 and power cycled the RPi 3. To make matters worse, these outages tend to occur at the worst possible times of year—during a summer heat wave when people rely on air conditioning or in the depths of winter. Ecobee has released a new firmware version for their Ecobee 4 devices. My only problem with the system is that occasionally when we have a power outage or surge it goes blank and won't turn back on automatically. To access your customized web portal, visit and click on the Login link. Random failures throughout the day. Ecobee downtime for San Diego. Office: 256-428-1983 Page 17 Looks like you have one or more Return to step 1 Continue to wires missing. Page 16 G UIDE 2 Install your ecobee without a C wire If you don’t have a C wire, you’ll need to use the Power Extender Kit (PEK) included to reliably power your ecobee. Have your smartphone or tablet with the Ecobee app installed, in case you desire more detailed information. 1 Indicator Lights There is a light bar at the top of your Ecobee Switch+ that changes, to indicate some basic information about the switch. Every connected device needs reset after power outage!? Is San Diego having problems? If you have Ecobee 4, then please ensure you are running this firmware at the minimum to mitigate the issue. To select a tile, touch or click on it. Guided Setup Process The Installation Guide that ships with your ecobee has the necessary instructions to wire up and install your device. To close a tile and return back to the main screen, touch or click (top-right corner). 200 Dan Tibbs Road NW Huntsville, AL 35806. The smartphone apps affected by the outage manage Ecobee’s products, and some also have built-in Amazon Alexa support. HVAC AL #08093 REF AL #52466 Ideally, during power outages, the Nest thermostat will only need to function for one to two hours on battery backup. Mon-Fri 7:30am-5:00pm. Here you see what is going on. Asus router was also upgraded to new release of firmware and then power … We have escalated the matter to Ecobee, who have released firmware to address the issue. Ecobee 3 won't turn back on after power loss I installed my ecobee 3 about a year ago and had to use the PEK since I don't have a C wire. Ecobee website app also very slow with many pages not accessible or extremely slow. by brandobean Jun 14, ... an Ecobee thermostat, 2 TPlink wifi light bulbs, 2 smart TVs, and various smart outlets. Sometimes the power supply can become dangerously overwhelmed to the point where operators are forced to shut off power to avoid longer outages and damage to the system.

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