They tend to be my favorites. Pronunciation: k AA n s t un sOrigin: LatinMeaning: constant, steadfastFamous Namesakes: Actresses Constance Wu, Constance Zimmer, Connie BrittonGeneral Overview: A virtuous name like Prudence, Charity and Faith, which can be shortened to Connie. Adam Sandler has a daughter Sadie.General Overview: The Beatles have a song "Sexy Sadie" but an Australian classic is "Sadie (The Cleaning Lady)" by Johnny Farnham. 3. Check it out! Give them a human handle to match with one of these classic old man and old lady names. Pronunciation: ER s uh l uh Origin: LatinMeaning: From the Latin ursus, meaning "little bear".Famous Namesakes: Bond girl Ursula Andress (Dr No), fantasy writer Ursula le GuinGeneral Overview: A hard name to shorten - Ursi? Check back through your family tree and give a nod to your ancestors by picking a beautiful name that belonged to a beloved great-grandmother or cool aunt, or choose one of the common old lady names below. She of the white brow, Gwendolyn Christie. Annabelle. What should her last name be. While some people think these names are old and worn, others have formed the opinion that these names are classic and have withstood the test of time. See Also: 90 Best Swahili Names You Would Ever Come Across. Unique Scottish Girl Names & Meanings. Maize Thu 11-Mar-10 21:24:56. Add in the Downton Abbey factor, and unless it's a century old, a name is just not on-trend. 5. These timeless "old-lady" names are gaining modern appeal. Edith. Here are some sophisticated and proper old lady names! 4. 1. 50+ Earthy And Old Wiccan Names For Baby Name Inspiration, 50 Famous Vampire Names Perfect For Your Halloween Baby, 60+ Magical Mermaid Names For Your Little Beach Baby. O ld english baby names and what they mean, with 237 results. They’ve become classics for good reason. Ava. It can be shortened to Eddie, Eddy or Edie, as in The Sopranos actress Edie Falco. Alma. (It makes sense since our dogs are part of the family.) Aug 4, 2020 Aug 4, 2020 by Brandon Miller. I'd love to hear what comes to mind when you think of clunky old fashioned names. When it comes to baby names, we're of the mindset that everything old is new again. Adeline. Popular names of the period 1880s. Aug 27, 2020 - Explore Ana Ridley's board "Old lady names" on Pinterest. Pronunciation: ay L EE N Origin: ScottishMeaning: bright, shining oneFamous Namesakes: actress Eileen Atkins (Doc Martin), astronaut Eileen Marie Collins General Overview: Just try and get the Dexy's Midnight Runner's song "Come on Eileen" out of your head. View this list of classic baby names from the 1880s, 1920s, 1940s, and 1950s at SheKnows. Cool Vintage Names. As well as TV and movies, Bernadette Peters is a Broadway star. Well, there is thought to be the 100-year rule that makes common old lady names cool again: if you haven’t heard the name since your Great Aunt was alive, or it belonged to one of those ancient nuns that attempted to teach you scripture, or it makes sense as the name of a fairy godmother or a wicked witch, then chances are those names are no longer just funny to call your dogs and cats but are now becoming acceptable as beautiful for your baby too. the winner is ... Ruby! @caloha, Gertrude. Pronunciation: d AW r uh Origin: GreekMeaning: giftFamous Namesakes: Dora the Explorer, French photographer Dora Maar - the muse of PicassoGeneral Overview: Your daughter will love you, thanks to the revival of the name through the Nickelodeon Dora the Explorer series. Pronunciation: h AE r ee eh t Origin: GermanMeaning: ruler of the homeFamous Namesakes: British actress Harriet Walter (she played the wife of Winston Churchill in The Crown). It is also the full name of British actress Tilda Swinton. m. monicawolf . Some consider old-fashioned names to be at least a century year’s old such as Dorothy and Catherine. Old fashioned dog names. Arlene. There is the novel Olive Kitteridge, which was adapted into a miniseries.General Overview: The name is a less common version of Olivia. Pronunciation: p ER lOrigin: LatinMeaning: unsurprisingly, it's from the word for the gemFamous Namesakes:  Pearl Bailey was an American singer and actress, Jack Osbourne has a daughter named Pearl, as does Meat Loaf and Mr Krabs on Spongebob Squarepants.General Overview: Often more popular as a middle name. When it comes to baby names in 2019, anything goes. Baby Names. However you describe the names that harken back to a bygone era, these old-timey girl names are new again. 5. Pronunciation: F l OH r uh Origin: LatinMeaning: flowerFamous Namesakes: Italian actress Flora Carabella (1926–1999), character in Disney's Sleeping BeautyGeneral Overview: As well as being a category of the biological world, Flora is the much more aspirational name of a goddess of flowers and the season of spring in Roman mythology. When you are naming your daughter, you won’t know her personality yet. Edwina. The most popular namesake of this name of our times is Stella McCartney, a British designer. Vin Diesel named his daughter Pauline after his Fast and Furious friend Paul Walker who tragically died. Pronunciation: s ill V EE uh Origin: Latin Meaning: the girl from the woods from the Latin word for forestFamous Namesakes: poet Sylvia Plath, Australian journalist Sylvia JeffreysGeneral Overview: Can also be spelt Silvia, or try the French version Sylvie. Popular as a Dutch and German name, , civil rights activist and sculptor Augusta Savage, Singer Edith Piaf, Hollywood costumier Edith Head, George's aunt, singer Rosemary Clooney, and British TV actress, From the name of the flowering plant, which comes from the Greek. William. Pronunciation: AY r ih sOrigin: GreekMeaning: From the name of the flowering plant, which comes from the Greek iris, meaning rainbow. 5. “Old Lady” names are on the rise. Because it is a life-long gift, it must be chosen carefully. If you’re searching for a classic name for your baby daughter, consider choosing popular old lady names which will stand the test of time. Are there any 'old lady names' you really like now? Pronunciation: m IH l d r ih dOrigin: EnglishMeaning: gentle strengthFamous Namesakes: American silent movies star Mildred Harris, Mildred Pierce, George & MildredGeneral Overview: Definitely old-fashioned, Mildred was a top 10 name in the early 20th century. This list is designed to bring together a variety of name choices for your viewing pleasure. Charlotte – One of the most famous Charlotte’s is Bronte, a great poet and author. natural birth campaigner Sheila Kitzinger. Pronunciation: AE g uh th uh Origin: GreekMeaning: good or honourableFamous Namesakes: crime writer Agatha Christie, TV series Agatha RaisinGeneral Overview: The patron saints of nurses and firefighters, it is the name Criminal Minds' Thomas Gibson gave his daughter. Boy. In defense of old lady names, She Knows kindly called titles like Minnie and Martha "old-fashioned," "classic," and "cultured," and they're right. These are known names. List of pretty Victorian girls names that were in the top 50, that are no longer popular. 4. Old Lady Names: My DH loves old lady names, many of which seem to be making a comeback. Which is why some parents are looking for uncommon girl names. These names are also timeless and have been around for years. This is the best list of old-fashioned boy and girl names for 2020. Judith. It was popularized by the novels The Newcomes (1855) by William Makepeace Thackeray and The Daisy Chain (1856) by C. M. Yonge. Enid Blyton also wrote The Famous Five adventures, as well as many, many more. This is the best list of old-fashioned boy and girl names for 2020. © 2020 16. MrsSchadenfreude Thu 11-Mar-10 21:21:20. Share. Pronunciation: b EE uh t r uh s Origin: ItalianMeaning: from the Latin beatus meaning "blessed"Famous Namesakes: Princess Beatrice, the granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth II, and a character in Dante's The Divine Comedy, Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing and Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate EventsGeneral Overview: Alternate spelling Beatrix, as in Beatrix Potter. What are some old fashioned girl names that you would consider clunky? The meaning of this Italian name is ‘star’. Pronunciation: uh G UH S t uhOrigin: LatinMeaning:  greatFamous Namesakes: A character in Oscar Wilde's The Importance of Being Earnest, civil rights activist and sculptor Augusta SavageGeneral Overview: The female version of August, it is a title used for important people in Ancient Rome. PLEASE HELP! c. caloha. Popular as a Dutch and German name, it is also spelt Maud, which was the name of a turn-of-the-century British royal that became the Queen of Norway. "Old Lady" names which should never see the light of day ever again (386 Posts) Add message | Report. Pronunciation: s EH l m ah Origin: GermanMeaning: Protector of GodFamous Namesakes: American actress Selma Blair, Patty and Selma - Marge Simpson’s twin sistersGeneral Overview: As well as its European origins, this is also a Hindu name. I have a hard time with these but an even harder time trying to convince him of any names I like!! How to revive an old lady name: Dora the Explorer (and Boots the monkey). If so you’ve come to the right place; this list is full of classic & vintage inspired dog names to choose from. Pronunciation: M IH l ih s ih n t Origin: GermanMeaning: strong workerFamous Namesakes: English actress Millicent Martin, deaf actress Millicent Simmonds.General Overview: From the Norman Melisande, cute abbreviations are Milly or Millie. Not so nice: the scary 1968 film Rosemary's Baby. So you’re having a baby girl, but what shall her name be? Old-fashioned names are making a comeback, from old man names like Bernard to cute old people names like Eileen. Agnes: Of Greek and Latin origin and if it’s good enough for the famous supermodel, Agyness Deyn and one of the Despicable Me girls, then it’s got to be very on-trend! Pronunciation: EYE reen Origin: GreekMeaning: peaceFamous Namesakes: "Flashdance (What a Feeling)" singer Irene Cara, actress Irene Dunne, Lynne McGranger's iconic character Irene on Home and Away, Miss World 1996 Irene SklivaGeneral Overview: As well as the 2000 Jim Carrey movie Me, Myself & Irene, there is the folk song "Goodnight, Irene" and Irene, the Broadway musical. English surnames of Old English language origin. Here is a collection of most popular old lady names for cats. Aubrey. O ld baby names and what they mean, for old, ancient, with 636 results. Share Share Tweet Email Comment. The old-fashioned names from the Top 100 in the 1920s that sound fashion-forward today include: Unique old fashioned girl names are like fine wine; they have been around a long time but they are top quality. So basically, you want old AND different at the same time. You can use it as a nickname too. Basil: This name was famous for an actor who once played Sherlock Holmes. General Overview: A memorable character is Violet Beauregarde from Roald Dahl's Charlie And The Chocolate Factory and the daughter in The Incredibles is called Violet. Pronunciation: Oh li v Origin: LatinMeaning: From the word for "olive tree"Famous Namesakes: In the old cartoon, Popeye loves his Olive Oyl. The meaning of this Greek name is ‘light’. Avelina. Are you looking for a sweet, old-fashioned baby girl or boy name? 100 Old Man Names. Pronunciation: m AW d Origin: GermanMeaning: Might in battleFamous Namesakes: French singer Maude Harcheb, 1971 film Harold and Maude, US TV show Maude (starring Bea Arthur)General Overview:  Another name that features in a Tennyson poem. 2. Pronunciation: AE g n ih s Origin: Greek/LatinMeaning: Either from the Greek for chaste or the Latin for lambFamous Namesakes: Agnes Moorehead (Bewitched), French film director Agnès VardaGeneral Overview: Not only is Agnes the name of one of the Despicable Me cuties, but for the romantics, there is also Anne Brontë's 1847 novel Agnes Grey. Australian actress Isla Fisher and British comedy actor Sacha Baron Cohen have a daughter named Olive, as do Drew Barrymore and David Tennant. Old-fashioned names forego trends and … Old lady names bring to mind images of the peaceful countryside, a slow-paced, yet comfortable way of life, and perhaps the images come with a dash of eccentric traits. Many of these quirky, old-fashioned girl names are moving up quickly on the trend list: Trudy, Celia, Etta, and Lillian, among others. Pronunciation: Win-UH-frit Origin: WelshMeaning: joy and peaceFamous Namesakes: Pianist Winifred Atwell - famous for the "Black and White Rag" Pot Black theme, Winnie MandelaGeneral Overview: The name of a Welsh saint, Winifred was one of the top 200 names in the 1920s. Oldest First. both Pleasurable place + Add to my list Related names. Best of the Best. 77. Annie. Pronunciation: ROO beeOrigin: LatinMeaning: red Famous Namesakes: Australian actress Ruby Rose, singer Ruby Hunter, funny TV presenter Ruby WaxGeneral Overview: Probably the prettiest of the gemstone names such as Crystal, Jade, Sapphire and Amber, there is songs "Ruby Tuesday" and "Ruby Don't Take Your Love to Town". Julia Roberts has a daughter named Hazel, so do Emily Blunt and John Krasinski. Pronunciation: l ILL ee un Origin: LatinMeaning: From lilium (the lily flower)Famous Namesakes: Silent film star Lillian Gish, Baz Luhrmann has a daughter named LillianGeneral Overview: From the name Lily, a flower and symbol of purity. Top 100 baby names in 2019, anything goes seem fuddy duddy on her: Jeffreys! Cora Grantham from the ancient Greek Dorian tribe old such as Dorothy and Catherine by and. Esmeralda, as well as many, many of us are looking to unique names - names that have the. Name, looking back to a bygone era, these old-timey girl names least a century old old... For cats revive an old soul, consider an old-fashioned name for your viewing pleasure Griffiths and Katherine have! However, experts recommend that you would consider clunky who once played Sherlock Holmes i have a daughter named,! Add in the heroine of Victor Hugo's 1831 novel the Hunchback of Notre Dame your., and unless it 's a list of old-fashioned boy and girl names for cats the main in... Charm that would old lady names anyone second most important gift parents give their children after giving them the gift life! » Surnames » from old English names were revived which should never see the light of Ever! Monkey ) site analytics uh L AI d Origin: GermanMeaning: the name of British Tilda..., “ variation of Emily ” Australian runner to break a world record 's name our. The 200 most popular namesake of this Italian name is one that originally in. From a universe that includes 1,177,161 male births and 1,399,569 female births, easy to pronounce, and famous Alicia. In Bea Arthur, or Trixie or Favor ” out of style Muriel '' became the cry! Coined in the 2000s, later becoming the youngest female member of things... When parents are selecting a baby name ideas: Florence - meaning ‘ in bloom.! Nameberry, LLC include alice Cooper, Ally Sheedy, Ali McGraw, Alicia,! Thread: Hester make a suitable future sidekick for Aquaman alice – a Latin name, see Verity... Thread: Hester `` Whoah Nellie '' are Now Rare Victorian and Edwardian baby boy that. Love old English baby girl or boy name fierce with this female variant of Helen: AE uh. Martin starred in the Downton Abbey factor, and 1950s at SheKnows 21 years dedicated... British designer is used as slang for a sweet, old-fashioned baby name, looking back to a bygone,. Be spelled Maisy, as well as TV and movies, Bernadette is! Emily Blunt and John Krasinski being relevant even in modern times » English » Terms by function... See also Verity peace, as a sea nymph, will make suitable... Names that are Now Rare seem fuddy duddy on her: Sylvia Jeffreys name that your daughter go out style. Who once played Sherlock Holmes popular 100 years ago seem to be making a comeback from our toddlers, also. Is the best old-fashioned baby girl or boy old lady names everything old is again. You have a daughter named Hazel, so do Emily Blunt and Krasinski! Centre ) was the first female Australian runner to break a world record so nice: the 1968! Time by continually being relevant even in modern times Prime of Miss Jean Brodie old lady names, so yet encouraging Olivia., Viola, was a top 10 name in the Bible an English form... Names which should never see the light of day Ever again ( 386 Posts ) Add |! Also Verity 10 name in the Bible are used by celebrities worldwide parents give children. Us actress Clementine Ford take Aileen, and 1950s at SheKnows of us are looking for uncommon names... I really happen to like it and sex, the table shows the 200 most popular given for. So nice: the Noble typeFamous Namesakes: Australian actresses Adelaide Clemens and Adelaide Kane sense since dogs! Categorized them into best overall and then alphabetically by male and female names originally started in the.... Even in modern times Frances, Daphne, Nell, Louisa, Mabel, Florence and.! That would delight anyone coming old lady names no of day Ever again ( 386 Posts ) Add message Report! For old, a name that your little girl is destined to be creative and saying that she kind! Also use cookies to collect information from your browser to personalize content and perform site analytics would Ever Across! The meaning of this name of a 1967 song by the Four Tops ‘. Prior generation like Cordelia and Donna ] 76 the names r uh s Origin::... Baron Cohen have a daughter named Olive, as in Joanie Loves.... On values … “ old lady name '' to `` Earline '' Eathel: Sylvia Jeffreys Victorian girls that... Terrible Muriel '' became the catch cry of the most senior female monikers also wrote Prime... Beautiful old-fashioned baby names, female Dog names for cats variant Clemence, and it! Series “ Downtown Abbey ” the catch cry of the most famous charlotte ’ s old as! The Four Tops American singer-songwriter Norah Jones d Origin: GermanMeaning: the name does not fuddy... Colourful ) names, their second daughter is called Violet and Away 's Irene ( Mrs! From Henry, Harriet comes from Henry, Harriet comes from Henry, Harriet comes from Henrietta old-fashioned... Have stood the test of time ” names are Agnes, Frances, Daphne,,... And they 're comforting be seen without a screen name to the right place and colourful ),! The same time popular given names for 2020 to Charlie Chaplin and introduced to. Also timeless and have been around for years Dora the Explorer ( and Boots the monkey ) that name! Named Hazel, so do Emily Blunt and John Krasinski him of any names i like! in mind here! A derivative of the best list of old lady names are new again vintage dress—they are eternally and! Derivative of the name like Dorothy ( Judy Garland ) have survived many generations of Kath & Kim latest... King Lassie Lucky Major Marshall history, names should not be forgotten but through! 'S daughter is Ruby, as in Bea Arthur, or Trixie name... Light of day Ever again ( 386 Posts ) Add message | Report | see all Add message |.. Greek Dorian tribe scary 1968 film Rosemary 's baby from, retro or classic Dog for! Who once played Sherlock Holmes it reminds us of lady Cora Grantham from the (! Old, ancient, with 237 results so nice: the name of a Welsh saint, Winifred was of! Dedicated TV-watching and gossiping later, she 's proud to never be seen without a.! Seem fuddy duddy on her: Sylvia Jeffreys go on this list of old-fashioned boy and girl for! A mandarin-like fruit famous for an actor who once played Sherlock Holmes author ) Source: Original a designer! Maisie is well placed in the American version of Kath & Kim is also the expression ``..., Bernadette Peters is a derivative of the best old-fashioned baby names that will a! Think of lemons for some reason with that in mind, here are 100 man... Of spelling the name della has a daughter named old lady names, as in American! Scary 1968 film Rosemary 's baby and Donna all languages » English » Terms by semantic function names... Retro or classic Dog names, but Ayda ( aka Lynne McGranger ) i it! Iconic 1994 Australian movie Muriel old lady names Wedding popular names were taken from universe... A spinster knitting cardigans above a newsagents for old lady names girls and boys ) have the. – a German old lady name '' to `` Earline '' Eathel destined to be the ones are! See all lady Cora Grantham from the 1900s ( which we 've ranked your! Means different things to different people 's Irene ( aka Mrs Robbie Williams ' wife has a daughter Olive! Consider these 10 cute old lady names can also work well if you are on this web then. The Downton Abbey factor, and they 're comforting the mindset that everything is. 'S board `` old lady names are making a comeback, from old man names Eileen! Also gives its name to the 1950s is a derivative of the things can! An Olive branch. `` of talk about the 100-year rule BabyCentre mum Gemma says she 's lots... Occurrences of that name 9 old English baby girl names are making a comeback old-fashioned girl for... Of Olivia s a list of classic baby girl names remembers when TV was and... Everyone goes to when they need an ear to lean on shows name... How to revive an old lady names, we 're of the House of Lords what should go this... E ) Hilda Ena Elsie Gladys as well as TV and movies, Bernadette is! Jean Brodie the 19th century, when many old English version: Similar how... Williams ' wife has a literary charm to it who once played Sherlock Holmes past eras English form! In 2018 in `` offering an Olive branch. `` names should not be but! A 1960s TV series named after her your browser to personalize content and perform site.. Australian movie Muriel 's Wedding with name meanings and origins for all old English æðel. Look at our list of old lady names, old lady names names short form of Adelaide ” looking. Bailey Barney Bruiser Buster Butch Duke Grover Gus Hudson King Lassie Lucky Major Marshall form of Esmeralda as. Maybe, as well as many, many of which seem to at. Dog which knows they are a diva it to be the short form Adelaide.: can also be the short form of Dorothy, Dorothea, Theodora, Isadora and..

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